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Ilayhu's Giantess Art

Welcome to the Giantess Erodreams World where women are giantesses like big buildings and men (and sometimes women) are very small, just like pathetic insects, running for survival under their feet. Here you are so tiny and helpless in front of beautiful giantesses. They will toy with you and humiliate you in so many ways and there is nothing you can do to stop them. If you are lucky one of these women will keep you like their pet; if not, maybe she will just crush you under her sexy feet or even just one toe will be enough. Or maybe swallow you like a little candy. Just remember that you are less than nothing in comparison with them, the only thing you can do is run and try to survive in this giantess world.

Here in this site you will find many stories developed in 3D and also collages. So, step in and enjoy it, but just be careful, maybe you will get shrunk and could be found by one of these evil goddesses...

About me:
Ilayhu is a 3D poser artist very well known in the macrophilic fetish world for his poser comics and collages about tiny people at women's mercy.

Free Erotic Art

Artwork © Ilahyu